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Acura Integra - Rocket Launch

Acura Integra - Rocket Launch

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Acura / Integra

Agency / Golden Wolf

Time / March 2022

Role / Art Direction, Design &
3D Animation

I was asked to work with the team at Golden Wolf to help create this advert for Acura's new car, the Integra. I first came on the project to design all the type frames in 2D format, this included the 3D type scenes. I then worked as Art Director in the animation stages as well as animating the 3D type on the screen.

Credits /

ECD: Ingi Erlingsson
CD: @sfalconer
EP: Dotti Sinnott
HOP: Heidi Stephenson
Producer: Rebekah Hamilton
PM: Lucy Caetano
PA: Danielle Bordelon
AD: Georgie Yiannoullou
Design: Cesar St. Martin, Adolfo Correa, Jonas Devacht, Georgie Yiannoullou
3D Design: George Stoyanov, Georgie Yiannoullou
Motion Graphics / Compositing: Karl Fekete
Motion Graphics: Andres Clerc, Mathieu Durand, Michael Muller, Pablo Lozano

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