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BBC Radio 1's Hottest Record

BBC Radio 1's Hottest Record

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Adobe / Make it Happen

Agency / Golden Wolf

Time / November 2021

Role / Art Direction

I was asked by the team at Golden Wolf to help them on this project promoting BBC Radio 1’s hottest record. My role as Art Director meant I worked closely with the design team and animation team to bring this whole piece together. I also designed and animated the end frame. 

Credits / 

Executive Creative Director / Ingi Erlingsson

Creative Director / Stefan Falconer

Executive Producer / Tan Jones

Art Director / Georgie Yiannoullou

Producer / Jenny King

Design / Jonas Devacht / Diego L Rodriguez / Adolfo Correa / Alina Bohuru / George Stoyanov

Animation / Laurence Parsons / John Wilkinson / Craig Maxwell / Andres Clerc / Matthew Schoen

2D FX / Tim Whiting / Kensei Thomas

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